“Ich bin die Versuchung” – Stimme der Teaser/Trailer für die 2. Staffel “Being Human” auf SIXX

Sonniger Sommertag – dunkles Studio – düüüsterer Trailer….

Die 2. Staffel “Being Human” startet am 01.08.2013 – zum ersten Mal im Deutschen Fernsehen und nur auf SIXX. Ich bin die Sprecherin der Teaser und Trailer für die neue Kampagne, Motto: “VERSUCHUNG”….

Recorded on a shiny summer day in a dark soundbooth nearby the station: I´m the voice of the new teasers and trailers for “Being Human” season 2, starting on the 1st of August on Germany´s Free-TV-station SIXX.

Just click the image to view one of the trailers:

©sixx - Being Human - 2. Staffel - Trailervoice: Doris Lauerwald
©sixx – Being Human Trailer zur 2. Staffel ab 1. August

Also available online – you can view 2 teasers/trailers directly through sixx.de:

Being Human - 2. Staffel - SIXX TrailerTEASER

Being Human - 2. Staffel - SIXX TeaserTRAILER